Duchenne is like the kid version of ALS


Duchenne is a disease similar to the more well known ALS. Both diseases cause muscle weakness/degeneration, cause patients to become wheelchair dependent, cause patients to lose mobility in their arms, and is 100% fatal to all patients. The major difference is Duchenne affects little kids, whereas ALS mainly affects adults.

WHY we started this challenge

The similarities between Duchenne and ALS has led us to the idea of starting the DMD ice cup challenge. You’re probably thinking, “This is similar to the Ice bucket challenge from a few years back,” and It’s similarities to the ALS ice bucket challenge is intentional. We hold the belief that Duchenne is like the kids version of ALS and deserves equal awareness. The reason it is a cup is because a cup is littler than a bucket and Duchenne affects the little ones.


The challenge is simple: You get a friend to pour an ice cup full of water on the top of your face, while your eyes are closed. Make sure you use hashtag #DMDIceCupChallenge and nominate 3 of your friends! Have fun with it!

Symbolism of the challenge

The reason it is a cup is because a cup is littler than a bucket and Duchenne affects the little ones. Similar to the ice bucket challenge, but different as it symbolizes kids. The other deeper meanings is the cold water on your face is a symbol of a wake up call and your friend pouring it on you is a symbol of the loss of arm function in Duchenne patients.

Donate to help fund scientific research and advance our cause  


We use donations to fund scientific research to cure Duchenne muscular dystrophy. More specifically we intend to fund scientist doing research using CRISPR-Cas9, a new gene editing technology that has already yielded positive results in reversing Duchenne in some studies. We also use donations to bring more awareness to Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which is very important as it allows for more people to help Destroy Duchenne. Ultimately, your money helps us bring more awareness and advance scientific research forward.


We choose a fundraising goal of $3.5 million dollars because it creatively symbolizes Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Every year 1 in every 3,500 boys will be born with Duchenne, so we intend to raise $3,500,000. Raising this amount would allow us to make significant progress in curing Duchenne as scientific research is very costly.


We strive to be the most grateful organization in the world. Everytime someone donates to us, we make it our mission to show our appreciation. We believe that we go as far as the people go, so we are very grateful for all support as it gets us closer to curing Duchenne.