Caring is sharing

Think about it, when you really care about something you share it with someone else. If you care about completing the cure and creating a disease-free world, tell a friend about Destroy Duchenne. Make a post on social media about Destroy Duchenne. Send a link to this website to a friend. Share!


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Being connected is important because it allows us to work together with our supporters. It allows us to update you on all the important stuff and all the good news we will be making towards Completing The Cure. We will only email you when we have something important to say. 


Ultimately, funding is needed to advance the scientific experiments needed to perfect the tool to cure Duchenne, gene editing technology. When someone donates to us they are playing a direct role in making history because they are funding what will one-day cure diseases, gene editing technologies. No donation is too small, every penny adds up and will help advance the scientific field.