What we believe

We believe in order to have a truly prosperous future, we must minimize human suffering. This is why we want to complete the cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. We are passionate about doing what has never been done before and we want to attract those who seek to make history. Those who seek to create an impact on the world. 

Everything about Destroy Duchenne is about making a dent in the universe. It’s truly a big idea when a kid, Elijah Stacy, decides to make an effort towards curing his own disease. Curing diseases is the next giant leap for mankind. 

History made.

History made.



Our vision for a fantastic future

We envision a world where those afflicted by diseases will be cured and their health restored back to normal. 

We cannot envision a truly fantastic future for humanity where diseases, like Duchenne, still exist and people are suffering from their illness. Instead, we want to see a world where people are prospering and chasing their dreams. Where kids are growing up working on solving the world’s biggest problems and innovating things to better help humanity. 



Our Mission

Destroy Duchenne‘s mission is to Complete the Cure™ for Duchenne muscular dystrophy by advancing gene-editing technologies, the future of medicine, into human practice.

Our founder speaking about Duchenne

Our founder speaking about Duchenne